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I launched The Woke Coach because I wholeheartedly believe that racial equity is the defining issue of our time. Because I am fervent in this belief, the mission of The Woke Coach is to help humans become the best, most understanding, empathic version of themselves by deepening their analysis and developing an understanding around issues of racism, bias and injustice. 

It is every individual’s responsibility to engage in the work that allyship requires. That work includes learning, recognizing, and understanding what it means to solidly stand in the gap for someone who may be different than you. If we don’t do this work, our circumstances will not change and future generations will judge us for standing idly by.

When we don’t stand firmly with others during difficult times or when they are in crisis, or we simply ignore injustice when we see it because it has all become too much to deal with, we are a part of the problem.

In my work and travels, I often hear people say things like, “I want to understand how racism continues to erode the fabric of this country.” “I want to be a better ally.” “I want to know more about how I can make things better.” Then, they all end with the same sentence: “…BUT, I don’t know where to start.” 

That’s why The Woke Coach created FROM ALLY TO ACCOMPLICEa series of six monthly workshops and engagements for humans who are interested in authentic personal and professional growth. This cohort is open to women and non-binary humans regardless of racial or ethnic background. Our activities will move us toward recognizing what it means to do the work necessary to be called an ally on the way to becoming full-fledged accomplices.

FROM ALLY TO ACCOMPLICE is an exclusive opportunity for a curated cohort community of 20 humans that will be guided thorough a robust curriculum developed by The Woke Coach. Cohort members will gain the tools necessary to truly become an ally and identify opportunities to do that work in their daily lives.

The work begins with open, honest, enlightening, but tough, conversations in a brave space. Together we will share, learn, and engage in meaningful interactions and build bridges to civil engagement and empathetic understanding one conversation at time.  

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The From Ally to Accomplice cohort will: 

  • Meet in person once a month to participate in a curriculum that includes six, three-hour group sessions. (The curriculum was developed using the Kemp Instructional Design Model)

  • Be guided through the creation of personal action plans to ensure implementation into their personal and professional lives 

  • Participate in a brave space that allows members to share thoughts, ideas, and learning via access to a private online community  

  • Hear from, engage with, and learn from local and national speakers on topics like Understanding Your Privilege, What is an Ally?, and Deepening Your Analysis

  • Enhance their individual experience through two one-on-one coaching sessions with The Woke Coach (additional one-on-one sessions are available at a discounted cohort member rate)

  • Partner with other members of the cohort to attend related activities and programming 

  • Maintain an active, supportive cohort community that exists well into the future

  • Receive an official certificate of participation in the inaugural cohort

The From Ally to Accomplice cohort is for you if: 

  • You are ready to deepen your analysis and develop an understanding around issues of bias and injustice AND you are ready to rid yourself of all of the excuses that have made it difficult for you to do this work 

  • You want to be a more supportive, educated ally, but don’t know where to begin

  • You have talked about doing this work, but need a focused opportunity to help you create your personal road map

  • You enjoy working with a group of people toward a shared goal, but welcome the opportunity to do your own personal work

  • You welcome the opportunity to engage in tough conversations in order to learn important truths about yourself and the world that you live in

  • You desire to create meaningful connections with other smart, engaged, curious humans

  • You are ready to begin a rewarding life-long journey and you don’t want to do it alone

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Seena Hodges

is a dynamic communications professional and a staunch equity, diversity, and inclusion champion. She offers a listening ear, a warm smile, and tough love to help clients understand and “unpack their baggage” and do the work necessary to become the best, most empathic humans possible.

Seena is a trained equity, diversity and inclusion facilitator. She received training through the artEquity Facilitator Training Program (designed for facilitators working at the intersection of art and activism). She currently participates as a member of the artEquity facilitation team working with organizations and individuals across the United States on creating and sustaining a culture of equity and inclusion through the arts and culture. Seena is also a certified administrator the The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®)—the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence. She has also received a professional Train the Trainer certificate from the University of Minnesota where courses included: Design and Develop Training Solutions, Deliver High Impact Training, and Measure Training Results.

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