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Organizational Partnerships

From Ally to Accomplice- The Cohort

Public Speaking, Workshops and Presentations

Coaching Sessions

Organizational Partnerships

The Woke Coach is a human resources partner offering insight, data, and tools to build more inclusive, engaging, and empowering environments for employees. I aim to create organizational change through individual transformations. The company offers a suite of evaluations and services including:

  • Unconscious bias training

  • On-site support and office hours

  • Data driven presentations on issues such as Building Cultural Competencies in the Workplace

  • Administering the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) 

  • Working with staff to create and enact personal development plans 

From Ally to Accomplice - The Cohort

Join The Woke Coach for a series of convenings aimed at helping humans learn how to use their privilege to positively impact the lives of others. Join a cohort of 20 women and non-binary humans who are working, sharing and learning together for six months in order to become the best version of themselves. For more information about the next cohort click here.

Public Speaking, Workshops and Presentations

People are my passion. I love any opportunity to convene and communicate with a diverse group of people in order to explore and enhance individual awareness and personal responsibility or to solve businesses problems. Join me for workshops aimed at helping humans become allies who are equipped to understand the responsibility and carry out the work that allyship requires. Topics include: Understanding Allyship, Moving from Ally to Accomplice, Examining Privilege, Deepening Your Analysis and Having Tough Conversations.

Coaching Sessions

I’m a talker and a connector who loves to have honest conversations about how humans can be better humans. I’d love to meet you one-on-one to help you create a customized plan for your growth and development toward the goal of becoming knowledgable around issues of race, culture, inclusion and true allyship. To engage in this work, sometimes smaller, more intimate conversations are best. Click here to schedule your individual coaching session.

contact me to find out about fees, availability and how The Woke Coach can add value to your personal life, community or organization!