Inspiring leaders to move from Ally to Accomplice

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Seena's signature talks

From Ally to Accomplice®

Seena emphasizes the importance of Accomplices in today's world and blends data, historical insights, and engaging anecdotes to highlight the inspire proactive action in fighting injustices.

The race-first approach

Seena incites the audience to take a new look at the most pressing issues by seeing them through the race lens. She also underscores the differences between equity and equality and the contexts in which these matter.

Awakening takes courage

For starters in DEI or antiracism work this signature talk is great for igniting commitment to change. Seena offers a kind approach to the act of leaving racist behaviors in the past. 

A Bold Conversation
with Seena Hodges

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"Seena was plain outstanding.

She broke it down for the audience in a way that amped them up to keep doing the work and also "lowered the volume" for those who were still coming along. Her stories were relevant and relatable."

— Kathleen Brenk
Chief People Officer, Sunrise Banks

Seena Hodges, Founder and CEO of The Woke Coach®, has spent her career advocating for historically underrepresented communities and training individuals and leaders to use their positions of privilege to create lasting change.

She is an award-winning businesswoman, activist, connector, and intersectional feminist who wholeheartedly believes that racial equity is the defining issue of our time.


In 2023, she wrote and launched  “From Ally to Accomplice: How to Lead as a Fierce Antiracist" for her and The Woke Coach to play a bigger role in dismantling systemic oppression.

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